Offering a Hand Up to San Diego’s Military Families  

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About Homefront San Diego – Mission Statement

Homefront San Diego Mission Statement

Homefront San Diego is a non-profit organization partnered with our 501(c)3 partner The Navy League of San Diego .

Our mission is simple, we provide a hand up to the military families in their time of need.

How we began

Homefront San Diego started shortly after 9-11 by Roger Hedgecock when he heard about the ongoing needs of our military families right here in San Diego .

An overwhelming number of service men and women in combat zones were finding themselves distracted by concerns over the wellbeing of their families here at home.

This problem was recognized by numerous commands and when Roger asked what he could do to help, he was told to take care of the families back at home so the soldiers could focus on their mission.

When one is fighting a war, there cannot be distractions.

Aiding these families is our way of saying thank you everyday to the men and women & their families who are fighting for what we Americans believe in.

What we do

Homefront San Diego will help with everything from emergency food and gas, to car repairs, furniture, computers and whatever else a family might need.

We do not limit our aid to a set list of services.

If a family has a need, we will utilize all of our resources to do all we can to help.

All of these services are available to lower enlisted military families, deployed or not.

Everything is grant based and will never have to be repaid.

How we do it

Homefront San Diego is able to do all that we do because of the generous support and donations from wonderful people right here in

San Diego County and beyond.

Our volunteers

Homefront San Diego is run by a group of wonderful San Diegan volunteers (as well as one recent transplant to Washington ).

Many have full-time jobs.

Many have prior military service themselves.

Some even make it a family effort.

Because we are an all volunteer organization, we have no payroll and no overhead.

Every penny of every dollar we receive goes directly towards helping a military family right here in San Diego County .

Our volunteers eagerly give of their time to make smiles happen.

We are able to use 100% of all donations for our families because our volunteers make use of our own computers, internet access and phone lines.

We love what we do.

Our future

Since our beginning nearly 10 years ago, Homefront San Diego has been able to help over 10,000 families right here in San Diego , and will continue to be here as long as our soldiers and their families need a helping hand.

From all of the volunteers at Homefront who witness the gratitude from these young families, we are humbled everyday by your generosity and we want to say

"Thank You San Diego !"