Offering a Hand Up to San Diego’s Military Families  

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Frequently Asked Questions

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General Public Questions and Answers

  • I have a computer, with monitor, printer and scanner that I'd like to donate to a service family. Can Homefront use it?
  • Can you use a baby stroller? A crib?
  • I have children's clothing to donate . Can you use this?
  • I have a lot of children's toys, games, and books to donate to a needy family. Does Homefront accept such items? If not, how can I donate them?
  • We have two beds - headboards, mattresses and frames - to donate. Can you use them? We need to have them picked up by next week to make room for our new ones.
  • I would like to donate some furniture and a computer. Is my donation tax deductible?
  • How do I donate money to Homefront San Diego?
  • How do you use the money that I donate?
  • My company has a matching funds program for donations I make to charitible organizations. Would my donation to Homefront qualify?
  • I want to do something for a needy military family. What can I donate to help?
  • I have a washer & dryer to donate. How do I do this?
  • I have some kitchen items and utensils to donate. Can you use them?
  • How do I donate a car that I no longer need? Is this tax deductible?
  • I want to hire a Marine to do some work around my house. Can you put me in touch with someone?

Military Family's Questions and Answers

  • Can I get a computer so I can email my husband who is deployed?
  • I need help with my car. It doesn't run right and I need it to transport my family. I can't pay for repairs. Can you help?
  • Who is eligible for help from Homefront San Diego?
  • We are a military family needing help but we are reluctant to ask for help and don't know how to proceed.
  • I need to travel to my home state because of a death in the family. Can you help with the air fare?
  • We are trying to pay our bills and put a small amount away as savings but we keep falling behind in paying our day to day bills. How can we get some help?
  • I frequently find that we run short of money for food at the end of the pay period. Can I call on Homefront for help?
  • We moved to the San Diego area a month ago. We need furniture, especially beds for our children and ourselves. We are using sleeping bags. Can Homefront help?
  • We need help getting eyeglasses for our daughter. We can't afford them. Can you help us?